New year, new hope, new ME

Yeeey, it’s fifth of January 2015. A little bit late for New Year celebration. But it’s fine (I guess) better than never hehe 😀

When it’s new year, people tends to make resolution or to do list of achievement they wish to achieve this year.  As in the last year, I also made this kind of list, even I didn’t write it down in this blog (I kept it secret). 😛 Now I see, none of the points in the list were achieved. Shame on me… >_<

This year, once again, I want to make a resolution. I will keep it simple.

1. Finish the THESIS

2. Publish articles (scientific or non-scientific). One as the minimum target.

3.  Be better ME (I know it sounds very general, but I mean it. I need to become a better person. REALLY, BETTER than I am today).

See, simple …right. And if (once again) I failed to achieve those points in the end of this year… I don’t know what to say.



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