The best gift for toddler

My son is getting more and more birthday invitation from his friends. It means I have to prepare a gift for them. I have my own standard of what kind of gift I will buy and how much the cost.

For me, the best gift for toddler are books and educative toys/games. Instead of buying automatic cars with remote control or barbie doll, I prefer to buy story telling books or building blocks (wooden or plastic). It doesn’t have to be the expensive Lego, but the most important thing is the kids use his brain, hands and feet to play with it.

The book brings a close relationship between the kids and their parents when they read it together. It also adds vocabulary and imagination for the kids. In the end of the story, parents can summarize the value of the story, whether it’s bad or good and explain it to the kids.

Some educational toys can be played together with friends and family. The kids will learn about shape, colors, numbers, alphabet, strength, weakness, strategy and many more things from it. In the Netherlands we have Loco set toys. It has different level for every age. The toys consist of questions, then you have to try to answer. Later you can directly check the answer in the back of the pages. We will learn how to focus on the questions and be patient when answering the questions, because sometimes the questions are tricky. It’s a very fun toys.

Today, I’ve got 2 story telling books for my son friends who are still < 2 years old. I have to find 2 more gift for > 4 years old toddler. Maybe I’ll find some educational toys for them.


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