Before I forgot…

August 25, 2014: Sena’s first day at elementary school. Went well, so far he has no problems at school. His school is De Startbaan, just 5 mins by bike from home or 10 mins by foot. He starts at 8.30-14.30. He brings his own lunch and snacks (usually sandwiches and fruits. He is in “de Krekels” class, with Juf. Saskia. He has many friends already. Roel, Kyan, Luuk, Fabian, Meintje and Utara are some of his friends. The teacher said he can speak dutch very well at school and very friendly. He can get along with his friends easily. Some important activity in his class:

Monday: Bring something (toys or anything) to support your story about your weekend activity.

Tuesday: Gymnastic

Wednesday: Go home early (at 12.00)

Thursday: Challenge day (he doesn’t like the puzzle games).

Friday: (the first Friday of the month) you can bring toys to school.

October 17, 2014: His first performance with the class in Halloween theme festival. I made his Harry Potter robes and wand.

October 20, 2014: His first autumn vacation. Sometimes I brought him to visit his friend so they can play together. But mostly we stayed at home.

To school, I am going...
To school, I am going…

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