Escaping winter but trapped by flood

There’s a promo ticket on August 2012 from Emirates Airlines. The price was quite cheap, just about 600 euros/ person to fly to Indonesia until mid of December 2012. So we picked the dates (12/12 to 31/12) and booked the tickets. Yeeey….we’re going to escape from the winter and enjoy the sun (we thought) 😀

We’re very excited because my husband’s last visit to Indonesia was on August 2009. We made plans on who we’re going to meet, where to go, what to buy, etc. There’s so many things to do in only 2.5 weeks. 😀

And the day was coming….

Starts the journey
Starts the journey

It was quite cold when we left Delft. We asked Ahmed (the transporter) to send us to the airport. It was good decision since we had many things to bring. Two backpacks, a big and a small suitcases, Sena’s stroller and a big box of bicycle spare parts. 😛

The journey itself was quite fun and smooth. Except in Dubai we can’t use Sena’s stroller (because of the airport policy) and he didn’t want to sit in the airport stroller. So we have to carry him. That’s make the decision to bring his stroller was a wrong decision. Next time we won’t bring the stroller, it won’t make a any use either at Indonesia. In the plane Sena was happy when he got toys and souvenirs from the stewardess. But he didn’t eat a lot. Well, he’s a little bit picky eater. During the flight he only slept on my pad, so actually I was quite tired.

In CGK, my brother picked up us on the arrival gate. The weather was very hot. When we left the airport suddenly Sena felt very weak, maybe his body was shock with the temperature change (from zero to 30 degree Celsius) and also he felt tired. I gave him a lot of drink. Then, in the car, he felt a sleep.

We stayed in Tanjung Priuk (my husband’s house) for a week then moved to our house at Bekasi. We liked the place. The environment was quiet and not many air pollution. It was good for Sena. He got skin problems when we’re at Tanjung Priuk, but the problems decreased when we moved to Bekasi. There, he could play outside, catching up the butterflies, ants, cats and even played with the kids next door. He was very happy  and he got tanned hehe 😀

We didn’t meet many friends but we managed to meet almost all of our family. My parents came all the way from Blitar to meet us. We spent our time at home. Besides we had a project (made the fence for our house), we’re “literally” couldn’t go anywhere because of the floods. It was rainy season in Indonesia at that time. We got rain almost everyday (from mid day-night). Floods were everywhere and it caused traffic jam. So we’re only go outside when it’s really necessary and didn’t bring Sena with us. It would make life more difficult if we’re trapped in the traffic jam with him. During our vacation, I got trapped in the mall twice, and several times in the highway. It was really not fun.

Several days before going back to Netherlands, we moved back to Tanjung Priuk. I got very bad influenza and finally Sena and my husband were also infected. We decided to go back to Netherlands even though the three of us got fewer. It was quite scary since we’re afraid the airport surveillance would not let us to fly because of the fewer. But finally we managed to go, even though I was extremely tired because Sena wanted me to carry him all the time. His temperature was 39 degree Celcius, so no wonder if he’s feeling uncomfortable. But miraculously his temperature dropped when we entered the Netherlands air territory. He knew he’s at home 😀

At Schipol airport we’re picked up by our friend and of course Ahmed (the transporter). I could say we’re saved by them. We’re very tired (and still sick) so we won’t be able to travel by train back to Delft.

Thanks to all of our friends and family who helped us a lot during our vacation. We’re very sorry to families and friends who couldn’t meet us, hopefully next time (someday) we’ll meet again. 😀


4 thoughts on “Escaping winter but trapped by flood

    1. Haha iya, we should meet someday ya Jeng. Tapi asli deh, waktu itu aku tepar selama di sana, keluar cuma buat ke carefour dan MM buat belanja. Aku tinggal di graha Kalimas jeng, bekasi timur. dkau familiar dengan daerah itu?

      1. owww tau aku, graha kalimas. itu deket rumah ortunya faika yang di kota legenda.
        aku di jatibening say. itu tuhhh tol arah cikampek yang jadi point bus akap nurunin penumpang di jalan tol, kalo gag salah sih km 9. kalo bekasi timur kalo ga salah km 16 ya?
        gag jauh kann? cuma 5km 🙂 nyusurin kalimalang aja kok.

      2. hihi, aku bener2 buta jalanan bekasi jeng Ratu. Cuma tau angkot dari rumah ke MM 😀 Semoga kapan2 kita bisa reunian yah, sapa aja yg tinggal d bekasi? kadang aku pengen maen ke depok hihi 😉

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