Happy Eid 2012..:)

Been looooong time not writing. Today I feel like want to write something about my fall-winter project gardening.. 😀

But, once again, I forgot that I haven’t write a story about my Ramadhan and Eid this year. It’s full of blessing month and wonderful Eid celebration. Alhamdulillah… 🙂

We started Ramadhan on mid of July, when we still had summer. We were fasting for almost 19 hours. Alhamdulillah we went through it quite well. We prayed Isya and taraweh at 2 am, then ate sahur at 3. After prayed Subuh, we went back to sleep until 7 am… 🙂 Then we went to the university after sent Sena to the day care. At 5.30 pm we went home. But Magrib was still way too long. We spent time playing with Sena at home, even until we fell a sleep around 9.30 pm. We woke up at 10 pm, right after adzan Magrib, then break our fasting and pray Magrib. After that we ate “real food” happily. Around 11-12 we went back to sleep and the cycle was repeated.

One activity I love the most during Ramadhan was preparing “tajil” or snacks for fasting break. I like to try some jajanan indonesia’s recipes like: es pisang hijau, bubur candil, kolak pisang, pisang molen-coklat, or even simple “gorengan” like pisang goreng and bakwan. My husband likes to cook “real food” like rendang, soto ayam, soto daging, kare, etc. It’s good, then we had balance in the kitchen, no one dominates haha… 😛

We had regular fasting break together with our Indonesian muslim community at Delft every Saturday. Some people has been assigned/ volunteer-ly cook for the foods. Our family volunteer-ly cooked for the fourth week event. We cooked telur balado and bihun goreng. We cooked the food for approximately 100 person…It’s tiring but really fun. We were very happy to do that and hope we can do more/often next year, insyaAllah… 🙂

During fasting break event, the children also had some activities, such as coloring, singing and of course running around everywhere. The event actually was held at a sport hall, so the children had many gymnastic equipment to play with. They were very happy and so did Sena. He always wake up untill late night every time we went to fasting break events.

Finally Ramadhan was over. We prayed Eid at the sport hall together with about 300 muslims who lives near Delft-Schiedam. We also met many old friends who lives bit far from Delft. Many people brought delicious food to share with others, specially traditional Indonesian food. I felt we were having Eid celebration at home. In the end of the event, some children performs nasyid on the stage. They were very smart and cute. It was very nice and memorable day 🙂

To finish the post, I would like to say Happy Eid to all, may Allah bless us with His love and we becomes a better muslim after graduates from Ramadhan. And may we can meet next year’s Ramadhan, Amiiin 🙂


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