My New Year 2012…

Last night everybody celebrated new year eve. Fireworks in many colors, shapes and designs covered the sky beautifully. But my little family just stay at home. My son went to bed at 7 o’clock. But he managed to admire the fireworks which were burnt before midnight.

Our new year eve this year was nothing special. Bit quite, but that’s OK. Many friends went back to Indonesia already, so we can not celebrates the new year together like last year. I sat near the window with laptop on my lap. Sometimes I looked out side the window to enjoy my neighbors fireworks. With a glass of hot sweet tea and a bowl of home made was just a perfect way to spend the remaining hours of 2011. But I decided to go to bed at 10pm, i was not feeling well. I’ve tried to sleep but the fireworks sound disturbed me a lot. Thanks God, my son sleep like a baby (yes, he is still a baby hehe…). He did not wake up at all.

Until the party started….it was 12 o’clock and everybody came out from their houses with their fireworks. I woke up and pick up my phone cell, taking some images and movie of the fireworks from my window.

I am happy, God gave me time to enjoy the life until this year. With all the troubles, tears, smile and laugh I went through the days on 2011. What will happened next year, only God knows. But I wish He can lead me to be a better person so that I can face my life better than before. So that I can be a better mom, wife, daughter, sister and friends. Thank you God for everything…amiiin



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