my little guy now..:)

Sena is 16 months old now. He is a toddler, not a baby anymore…:)
As per today, he is quite healthy. He’s still have some flu and cough but he looks active and eat a lot. So I do not worry too much on this.
What makes me worry is his personality. He starts to rebel and become a cry baby. He followed me everywhere. He start crying when he didn’t see me. But when I say NO to him (when he’s doing something dangerous, etc) he insisted to do that. Even when I yell at him or moved him from that things he wanted to touch. I wonder whether I did the right thing. Actually I don’t wanna yell at him, but sometimes I can’t help it. I googled this phenomena, they called it Temper Tantrum and it’s common for baby at his age. This website helps a lot:
What Sena doesn’t like is when:
1. To be put on the stroller
2. Take a bath
3. To put him on clothes
4. To be put on high chair
5. His mother is out of sight
6. Go to bed.
We need an extra energy and patient to ask him to do all of this. Sometimes I need my husband to help me…fiuh..:(
I hope this situation won’t take long. As soon as he can talk, I think he can understand better. We can communicate each other, so that I know what actually he wants. I don’t want to be a strict parent, but I realize I also haven’t became a good parent yet.


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