Sena’s menu

Lately Sena seems bored with his menu. Indeed I gave him almost the same menu since several months ago. I feel embarrassed..:(
So I dig into google and try to find an easy baby food recipes. I found some recipes, but I’m not confident making it (some of it needs oven, which I don’t have). So I asked my husband what we can do with chicken, tofu and vegetables in the fridge. He said let’s make udon soup. It’s easy though…hehe..:D
Boil some chicken lever. Then fry some shallots and garlic then pour the chicken stock. Put the udon (soft-thick noodle) and silk tofu then some choy sam. Spread a scrambled egg and little bit of salt. Cut the chicken lever into small dice and add to the soup. Nyamss…Sena like it a lot..:D
Then I realized I still have some potato in the kitchen. I steamed the potatoes together with brocoli and carrot. Then I blend them with additional of chicken wing and chicken stock. Add a bit of salt. Then placed them in a bowl. I should bake them in a oven to make like “schotel”, but unfortunately I don’t have oven…huhu..:( But in the end, it was nice, Sena like it..hehe..:D
So, what’s other menu I can try this week?…:D


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