Most beautiful places in the world

I found this website:
Huaaa…amazing places all around the world and I only have visited 4 of them…:(
When I was young-single, I still have traveling desire. I wanna travel everywhere. But after we have Sena, we always think twice or more to travel. Expenses, his safety and comfort during the journey are the most priority. It’s quite difficult to prepare everything for a baby journey. So, maybe we’ll wait for a couple more years to travel again. Hopefully we still have enough support (income) for it..hehe..:D
But I will shortened the list become my 10 most favorite places to visit (someday) 😛
1. Mekkah (insyaAllah for Hajj/ umroh and sightseeing of course 😛 )
2. Lombok, Indonesia
3. Japan
4. China
5. Seoul, Korea (again??? yeah I love this city :P)
6. Petra, Jordan
7. London, UK
8. Istanbul, Turkey
9. Finland –> to see aurora
10. Sidney, Australia
Maybe I’ll add some places, but for now, 10 are enough..:D


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