Sena’s first day at school

Sena stayed at home when my mother visit us in Netherland. Last week she went back to Indonesia. Home feels empty without her, and I think Sena also missed her. He often called…mbah..mbah..without reason. I don’t know whether he called my mother or not, but it seems like that hehe..:P
Yesterday was Sena’s first day at school after almost 4 months vacation. He cried when we left the school. We thought he will stop crying and play with the other kid. But in the afternoon his teacher called us and asked Putra to pick him up earlier. She said sena cried a lot, they feel pity to him. Then I came to the school. I found him sat in the stroller facing to the wall. It is common when baby cry a lot, teh teacher put him in the stroller and make them face the wall, they’ll feel tired of crying and slept. But I’m so sad watching him sitting alone there…:( Then I took him home.
I think Sena was hungry, so he cried. He only ate a slice of bread and pieces of apple and pear. He also didn’t drink a lot because he had difficulties drinking from bottle with bigger hole. I think his teacher also did not have time to feed him correctly.
After we arrived at home, I gave him a bowl of chocolade cake and drink a cup of water. Then when Putra, he helped him ate a slice of bread. I prepared a bowl of rice+veggies+chicken soup, and he finished it. I gave him drink almost every 15 minutes. At last he slept at 9pm after drinking a bottle of milk. I gave the milk by spoon. We tried very hard that he will npt get hungry and dehydrate to compensate what he didn’t get from the school.
I wrote in his school diary that Sena needs at least 180 ml of liquid in the day time. I hope they’ll try harder to get him drink. Any liquid is OK, water, milk or juice.
Today is his second day at school. Before we left the house, I gave him a bottle of milk by spoon and a bowl of rice+veggies+chicken soup as breakfast. I hope it’ll keep him full until lunch time. I’ll call the teacher later today to check about him.
This morning one of his classmate behave very sweet to Sena. His name is Luka. He is 2 year old. His father is dutch and his mother is chinees. When I put Sena on the floor, Luka come to give me his toy. I said thank you then I asked can I give the toy to Sena. Then he say yes. Sena is very happy and smile to him. Then I went to talk to his teacher. I thought they’ll play together.
But when I come back, Sena is crying loud. He wants to play a seesaw which is been used by other kid. Luka is beside him trying to comford him by giving him his toy. Sena stop crying for a while and look at Luka’s toy. But then he cry again. I put him on another seesaw, but he is too small and light, he can not play the seesaw alone. Suddenly Luka sit on the otherside and start to play with Sena. Sena is very happy and stop crying. Oh…Luka is soo sweet and kindhearted..:)
I give Sena to his teacher and leave. Before leave I come to Luka to give him Hi five and say good bye..:D He like it and smile 🙂
I hope Sena and Luka can be best friend.
The story will be continued..;)


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