Too much for me…

I’m addicted to tea. Sweet tea. But I’ve taken too much coffee nowadays. Actually I know that my body can’t handle too much cafein. But I can not avoid it. I’m too sleepy in this “cold” office plus we always run out pickwik-lemon tea. I don’t like other taste of pickwik. And sometimes they only provide pure milk in the weekly group meeting. I don’t like cold tasteless pure milk.
Now, my hands and legs are always sweaty. I don’t know whether my heart beats faster than usual or not. I don’t have the standard.
With my “conditions” in the office, i can not differentiate which one caused the health problem for me, coffee or the “conditions”. Maybe both….
What will happen with me? we’ll see…


4 thoughts on “Too much for me…

  1. *saran yang buruk*
    practice makes better hahahaha… tapi bahayanya kalo udah kebal kopi, alias, ngantuk2 minum kopi tetep bobo pules : (
    xixixi *jadi evil de*

    Ato pengganti kopi, snack ajah kak…ato gum…yang penting ada yang dikunyah hiihi

  2. @habib: lagi krisis teh ni di kantor, di rumah juga huhuhu..:(
    @tata: haha..iya tuh kayaknya mulai kebal daya ngantukku, tapi daya tahan tubuhku tetep ga kebal..:(

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