Lasser game

Today, my group arrange a group activity in Attractiecentrum Zoetermeer. We played Laser game which consist of three game: Mission Possible, Laser game and Laser Squash.

In Mission Possible game, we splited to 2 group, each group have to succed passing 3 level of game. In this game we have to avoid laser strings just like in the James Bond or Ocean 11 movies. We have to help each other to jump or even crawl under the strings. It’s fun hehe..^^ Finally, with team work and passion my group win the game.

The second game was war game where we have laser gun to shoot member of other group. Before we shoot we have to press yellow button in our gun. Every time we shoot someone we will get score, but if we shoot our own group member we will have minus. I’m so stupid because I always got shot by someone. Either because I was too slow in running or I forgot to press the yellow button…hiks I know I’m stupid. My score was the last in the list of player. Makes my group lost…hiks.

The third game was Laser Sguash. Just like squash we have to hit lasers light in front of us. There are two person fight to hit the lasers using laser stick. And ones again I lost from my chinese friend. I was too slow to jump or run chasing the laser. I felt tired.

Hiks, I think I’m gaining more weight. I’m easily get tired and my breath was short. I think I need to take excercise. I never take any excercise for this couple of years. But it’s winter already (excuse hehe..). I’m lazy to go out, it’s cold. And I’m lazy to pay for sport card in TUD. So where I should get some excercise? Just riding my bicycle to the office, is it enough? Huaaa…I’m in trouble..:((


7 thoughts on “Lasser game

  1. Nah looo… ayo olahraga! Sebetulnya untuk menjaga kebugaran kan cukup olahraga sekali seminggu. Tinggal dipilih aja olahraga apa yang paling disukai dan bisa dikerjakan secara konsisten 🙂

  2. Aku suka badminton, tapi males ke sport centrum. Aku suka nari-2, jadi gi nyari file aerobik or something like that so I can have exercise at home…what do you think Bib..hehe…^.^

  3. Sport Centrum kan ga jauh-jauh amat Pit 😀 Kalau udah di Rijswijk nah baru jauh… hihihi. Video aerobik dari internet lumayan banyak kok, dulu Linda juga pernah donlot ;))

  4. menurut standard “orang aktif”
    30menit nyepeda tiap hari, 5 hari seminggu.. udah cukup loh..
    [gara2 proyekku bikin sistem yg membikin orang kantoran yg di meja mulu utk lebih aktif]

  5. hihi masak mba? aku nyepeda tiap hari 30 menitan loh (PP) hihi, tapi masih numpuk nih lemaknya di perut, hiks…:(
    wah menarik tuh temanya, tapi kadang yang kayak gt tergantung orangnya juga sih, pemalas atau engga….hehe aku termasuk yang pemalas..:P

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