Girl’s dream

One of my office -mate went to Paris last week for vacation. And yesterday she shared her experiences with us. She was disappointed when she saw Eiffel Tower. When she was a little girl, she always dreamed about going to Eiffel, the most romantic place in the world. But when she arrived there, she only found very high metal tower. Too many tourist make Eiffel area looks crowded and dirty. Where is the romantic sides of this tower?

One of my college friend ever told me about her childhood dream. She really love fairy tales like Cinderella, Snow white, Rapunzel, the one thousand and one nights, etc. Even the stories plot are similar, but it feels so romantic.  Actually the princess’s life in the story are not easy, sometimes they also get troubles with their live. But they are just lucky, some of them has power, friends or lover who help them to solve their problems. And they always meet the love of their live in some romantic ways. And then they live happily ever after. Eventhough my friend realized that it’s just a fairy tales, she always dreamed to have that kind of live someday.

I have some other stories about how girls want their lives to be romantic. But i just wondering, why girls always dreamed about something romantic? Does every girls dreamed about it? And does men also dreamed about it?

Even I also dreamed to have a romantic live, I just can’t answer those questions..fiuuh..:(


6 thoughts on “Girl’s dream

  1. @dew: His dream is to have black McLaren’s car…hihi
    @luvly hub: Dew kan insyaAllah pendukung item-emas mas, betul ga dew?
    @bang ri: yuuukks rame2 ke praha winter ini, hehe…
    @habib: mungkin karena efek anime kali ya bib..hehe

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