Things i’ve missed about Korea…

Sudah kutinggalkan…Negeri Hyun Bin yang menjadi rumahku selam 2 tahun terakhir ini. Hmm..kenapa yah, perasaanku biasa saja. Aku merasa aku sangat aneh.

Anyway, I know for sure that I’m gonna miss all the things here. What are they? Lets start to make the list..

1. Internet.

I never away from internet for the last 2 years. Highest speed internet connection in the world. Cheap, free actually..hahaha. You can do anything. Chatting, watch movies, online shopping, browse journals,’s on you finger.

Di Indonesia, harus ke warnet, jauh dari rumah, koneksinya lama, komputernya lemot pula huhu… Alhamdulillah kadang-kadang aku nginep di kos mba dewi, ada koneksi internet yang cepet dari fastnet.

2. Subway.

My favorite transportation tools. Even though I never remember the stations and lines, I always use subway where ever I go. It’s because I can not stand with bus. Makes me dizzy and also sometimes we have to deal with traffic jam. The only disadvantages of subway is we don’t get the scenery and the stairs is sooo killing you. But its ok for me, sometimes we can found an underground market with cute and unique things in the subway station. It makes you journey interesting. When will Jakarta have subway..hiks. Already miss you so much..:-s

3. Seasons.

Spring has coming, favorite season ever. I miss sakura, magnolia, jindale, kenari, tulip (di orini dae kongwon), mawar, mugunghwa, dll…Emang sih di indo banyak bunga-2 yang bagus, tapi especially di jakarta it’s difficult to find. Sakura i love youuuu…:)

4. Parks

Parks everywhere. Waktu masih tinggal di guest house aku paling suka main di taman bermain depan guest house. Sendiri ga papa, main ayunan, perosotan …huhu. Setelah tinggal di dorm ga pernah kesana, hihi..males jauh..:P Tapi itu yang kusukai di korea, banyak taman bermain gratis hehe.

5. My beloved Dormy

So much memory left in my beloved dormy. Memory with my es-roomies (Aim and Niken), with Icha, with Pak Haz, Boya and the others, the cooking times, the sad times, the happiness…It’s all in my mind and my hearth. But behind all of it, my dormy is soooo comfortable. Anak-2 luar KIST selalu bilang dorm ini kayak hotel hihi, tapi emang sih enak. Kasurnya enak, rak bukunya enak, toiletnya enak, dapurnya enak (with all the problems) dan ada laundry room (paling kusukai, coz aku ga suka nyuci baju pake tangan..hehe)

6. My daily activities

Yup, I missed it very much. Wake up at 8, take a shower, go to the lab at 8.45, have my breakfast in front of my compu till 10 am. Then work, read or study till 11.30. Have lunch, then pray dzuhur, work again or play computer up to ashar time. After pray work or play again up to 6 then relax waiting for dinner. Pray magrib after dinner then watch movies up to 8 or 9 pm. Then go back to dorm, take a shower then sleep at 12 (maximum). And I repeat my daily activities again.

So simple, rilex but sometimes boring. But I missed it, and you’ll gonna missed it when you becomes jobless like me now..hahaha

7. My friends

Yeah, my KIST friend ( specially chicken lovers), Paprika, lab mates (even they often bullied me, specially my oppa..hehe)…I missed them. Huhu…I missed chicken lovers activities (b’day party, sunchek after dinner, pitachino time, kist tour, etc). Paprika, specially for the babies (Shilla and Diko…). Here i have no friend, everybody goes to work everyday…hiks, miss you all

8. What else yah..? hehe dunno, but i missed Korea…:)


3 thoughts on “Things i’ve missed about Korea…

  1. Ga rindu ama cheonan? 😆 ya engga lah ya pit.. wong tiap ke cheonan, either keabisan subway, trus masuk angin 😆 tenang pit.. aku akan menyusul mu ke Indonesia secepatnya, tapi dikau masih disana ga? *wink*


  2. aku tahuuu…aku tahuuu…apa yg kamu rindukan…knp kamu ga nulis rumah rumahkuuu yaaaaa…tempat kau merajut benang2 asmara dengannyaaa…kkkkk

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